Framing Options

Choosing a framing option is as personal a decision as choosing the image itself.  The combinations of frame type and matting colour are almost endless. At this stage Bruce Hood Photography offers custom framing through the quoting process only.


Please contact via or via the contact page


We will endeavor to provide worldwide customer shipping for custom quoted frames however due to the logistics of shipping large fragile items there may not be specialized art couriers available for your country. Cost of insurance and shipping may vary substantially.


As part of our customer service Bruce Hood Photography will liaise with you to provide ideas for the best possible framing option for your art piece.


New framing options are always coming to market however our preferred framing options at present are either a traditional custom frame or an acrylic block mount.


Image "Grey Strangers" by Bruce Hood

Traditional Custom Frame


The print will be permanently fixed to a sub straight called the mounting board,  alupanel is one of the best options for this as it gives a great smoothness to the image. A Mat board is cut to size and extends from the print out to the frame.  It is important to get acid free mat boards of museum / archive quality. Mat boards can be virtually any color however neutral colors are highly recommended such as a plain or slightly off white.


There are many frame choices. Some recommendations we could make


Plain white or black,


Blonde or dark wood


Stainless steel frame


Finally there is the choice of glass. Some framers will only have glass options to a certain size. For large pieces a perspex or acrylic option will need to be employed. There are framers that have anti glare or anti UV options. Some vendors also provide museum quality glazing.


Acrylic block mount with U-mount Hanging System


The print will be mounted onto a styrene backing which incorporates a u-mount hanging system complete with wall mount bracket (wall screws not included). Other hanging systems can result in a slight tilt in the art piece as against the wall however this hanging system ensures the art piece will hang completely flat against the wall with a small gap between the backing and the wall.


An acrylic block with diamond polished edges is mounted in front of the print. Perfectly clear to view the image through this acrylic block protects the print and adds a unique substantial look to the finished art piece. There are no boarders the image extends to edge of the finished art piece giving a minimalistic look to the work.




An incredibly important aspect often overlooked.  To get the most out of the appeal of your mounted art piece it is necessary to have good dedicated lighting. There are many products on the market which can be easily be installed by your local electrician.


We recommend track lighting with a low watt dimmer switch halogen light. Directional down lights are also an option.


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