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One Year with the Schneider... a Panoramic Odyssey

A Guide to Panoramic Photography Capture Technique


At the time of writing this article a I have exclusively been using the Schneider 50mm PCTS (Perspective control, Tilt Shift) to create panoramic images. I am often asked how exactly I use this lens and what my experiences have been. I will attempt to share that process with you now.


By the way if you have no intention of ever buying the Schneider lens there is plenty of other panoramic goodness in this article so please read on...

The SOOC Debate

I would like to share my thoughts on the long running SOOC debate or “straight out of camera”. I can hear the groans now however I believe I have a strong position on this topic and it is something that I am quite passionate about.


The argument for SOOC usually comes in a few different forms and is often combined by the self title of purist photographer. The argument is often centered on the two main topics of photo manipulation and capturing what the eye really saw...


Printing and Resolution

I would like to discus printing and how the resolution of the image affects the maximum size that an image can be printed.


Typically today most consumer cameras are somewhere between 12 and 20 mega pixels. This sounds like a lot right? A lot of professionals would argue that current mega pixels are already too high. The race of camera manufactures to ever increase their mega pixel counts is often criticized. In many cases this would be a valid argument.  However there are valid reasons why you need lots of mega pixels...

LAB...Is it worth it...

Around 2012 I was a huge proponent of using LAB for colour adjustments within my editing work flow. I was using it mainly as a tool to increase colour intensity as you would use a saturation slider. It got to the point where I would use it in every image that I edited within Photoshop to some extent and I am sure many can remember me banging on about it relentlessly Ad nauseam.


Somewhere between then and now I have found that I don’t even touch it. Over the past years I have spent many hours researching different techniques for colour, contrast and detail and had been so side tracked by other editing avenue’s that I hadn’t given LAB a thought until about a week ago...

Framing Options

Choosing a framing option is as personal a decision as choosing the image itself.  The combinations of frame type and matting colour are almost endless. At this stage Bruce Hood Photography offers custom framing through the quoting process only.


Please contact via or via the contact page


We will endeavor to provide worldwide customer shipping for custom quoted frames however due to the logistics of shipping large fragile items there may not be specialized art couriers available for your country. Cost of insurance and shipping may vary substantially...



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